Posted by Ken Kuehne on June 30, 2008 
Uh oh! Here goes AB2 with the proven way to get Top Shot of the day...put a girl in it!
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on June 30, 2008 
You know what would make it better ..... Ok never mind. Nice shot!
Posted by Kevin Madore on June 30, 2008 
Such attention to detail....even blurred the license plate! Beautifully lit too. This shot is a great example of how to get it done between twelve and one. AB, you simply must run a clinic for the rest of us.
Posted by B.A.Harrison on June 30, 2008 
I think it's a well composed shot myself, with the car and the gal added. Shows fanning as it is in the real world at times, and come to think of it Eddie found something interesting to make him click on the photo! Ha!
Posted by SteveWSOR on June 30, 2008 
I always seem to get more waves, smiles, and toots on the horn when I bring my girlfriend trackside... Wonder why? Nice shot!
Posted by Ken Huard on June 30, 2008 
Must be nice Andrew to have a girl that will Railfan with you. I need to start twisting the arms of some of my female friends.
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