Posted by Mark Hardin on June 27, 2008 
Well done my friend!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on June 27, 2008 
Nice shot. This one more than holds its own with the other great ones that have been taken here.
Posted by Charles Freericks on June 28, 2008 
Terrific image... the colors are a rare treat... you must have had about a 15 minute window of that great look.
Posted by Matt Marck on June 28, 2008 
Great shot!
Posted by Doug Wolfe on June 28, 2008 
Another great shot Paul.
Posted by Allen Stark on June 28, 2008 
I love the image and the little waterfall. PCA vote for me.
Posted by Michael Quagliano on June 29, 2008 
Killer lighting in this shot. Great job Paul!
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on July 11, 2008 
Very nice catch in a classic scene.
Posted by - on July 13, 2008 
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