Posted by Pete Schierloh on June 12, 2008 
An absolutely beautiful shot of this location, visual proof of why many people call the UP God's Country...
Posted by Scott Marsh on June 12, 2008 
You did well, Nice sun
Posted by on June 12, 2008 
Marquette, MI - Home of the Yupers, Togo's Submarine Sandwiches & great maritime photographic opportunities.
Posted by SteveWSOR on June 12, 2008 
Got PCA?
Posted by on June 12, 2008 
Woow! That is a pristine photo there! I'd like a poster please! :D
Posted by Travis Dewitz on June 12, 2008 
Great Shot!!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on June 12, 2008 
Nice shot!
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on June 12, 2008 
Posted by Stephen Dance on June 13, 2008 
Very nice - I had to read the caption before realising the U Boat was in the picture......and not submerged offshore !
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on June 13, 2008 
Very unique shot. Congratulations.
Posted by Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez on June 13, 2008 
Beautiful photo!
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