Posted by BMARK99USA on May 26, 2008 
Posted by Dan on May 26, 2008 
Is this the wreck that involved 3 trains in Illinios? I seem to remember reading in the paper about that wreck about that time.
Posted by Steve Raith on May 27, 2008 
Here is more info on my photo: From: UP B4124 and B2474 were involved in a wreck on 22 December 1995 at Effingham, Ill., while in service on Conrail. The two units were trailing power on eastbound Conrail train NLPI, along with CR C40-8W 6259 (leading), UP B4124, CR SD40-2 6449, UP B2474, when it collided with the previous wreckage of westbound Conrail STBN (bound for St. Louis) and westbound INTR (also bound for St. Louis). The INTR (CR B36-7s 5012, 5028) had earlier collided with the rear end of the STBN, killing the two man crew and destroying the two CR B36-7 units. The wreckage was fouling the eastbound track when the NLPI arrived at the collision site and collided with the wreckage. The conductor of the NLPI was killed and all four locomotives were derailed and burned, along with 30 cars. UP B4124 was repaired and returned to service. The cost of the destroyed UP B2474 was settled to UP by CR in 1996, and it was formally retired by UP on 27 August 1999. (see also Pacific Rail News, Issue 387, February 1996, pp. 10, 11)
Posted by Doug Wolfe on May 27, 2008 
This accident in Effingham and an earlier rail yard explosion in 1974 in Decatur took a lot of lives in Central Illinois. Thanks for sharing these shots. It's interesting these units were not scrapped locally after the accident.
Posted by JNB on July 21, 2008 
When i saw that i remember the Hinton train collision in Hinton, AB. The february 8th, 1986, the train CN 413 collided with passenger train VIA 4 and 23 people were killed, with 4 crew member who was in the loco. On, i found a picture of the 2th loco on cn train. See
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