Posted by hemiadda2d on May 6, 2008 
Holy 136-pound-rail-being-bent-like-wet-noodles, Batman! How did this happen? Runaway cars? Defective switch?
Posted by Chris Brown on May 7, 2008 
"Be the safest, most customer-focused and successful transportation company in the world." is NS's motto. Hmmm.... Nice photo, though.
Posted by Joshua Bauer on May 10, 2008 
A small chunk of railing may not bend at all, but a long enough section will bend with the force of small car pulling it. In old times, they used this advantage to reline rails using breakdown trains' cranes to actually pick up the railroad by removing the spikes and hooking on the tie.
Posted by Geoff Brozny on May 31, 2008 
I just found out what happened finally, this derailment as well as the one about a month ago were caused by a bad frog in the switch, located by the car they are currently working on.
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