Posted by J J Schrader on April 26, 2008 
Great photo Alex. Looks as if that radio tower is taking a few volts for the team.
Posted by Ron Tilley on April 26, 2008 
Looks like the lightning rod on that tower is doing its job.
Posted by SeanK97 on April 26, 2008 
Quite simply the most incredible Lightning photo I have ever seen. If this one doesn't get a PCA I will be very disappointed. Outstanding and what an incredible catch. Whoever said a train photo has to have a train was blind to this incredible capture, thank you for sharing it with us!
Posted by Anthony K Small on April 26, 2008 
Now that's perfect timing for a photo and it looks like all the lightning on the left is striking a tower of some sort.
Posted by onondagafred23a on April 26, 2008 
That is awesome! The lightning is actually hitting that antenna.
Posted by Mike Thomas on April 26, 2008 
Looks like the lightning is striking one of the many towers atop Blue Mountain. Awesome photo Alex!
Posted by Firewrangler83 on April 26, 2008 
POTW! Amazing shot - thanks for sharing
Posted by Ray Peacock on April 27, 2008 
J., an incredible catch. Was the hair on the back of your neck standing? I like studying the scene between the stroke on the right and left--lots of electricity in that cloud..
Posted by Matthew J. Ryan on April 27, 2008 
Whoa! I mean...yea...woah! I'm speechless. Unbelievably fine work Alex. If this doesn't qualify as photo of the month...nothing does!
Posted by BMARK99USA on April 27, 2008 
Not many people know this, but lightning travels upward, not down. Spectacular photograph.
Posted by Dan on April 27, 2008 would enjoy this shot. Very brave of you to be out there with all that lightning, PCA vote from me.
Posted by Thomas Berry on April 27, 2008 
Brave? You were under cover, were you not? Otherwise, a very dangerous situation to be in.
Posted by J. Alex Lang on April 28, 2008 
Thanks, guys. Yes, I was indoors with a window open. I had noticed a lot of lightning on that ridge, and so I set up the camera and tripod and locked the shutter open. It's an 18-minute exposure at f8, ISO 100.
Posted by Kyle Tribianni on April 28, 2008 
Incredibly magnificent shot! I agree with Dan -- the NWS or the Weather Channel would DEFINITELY be interested in this photo!
Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on May 5, 2008 
Beautiful! Words can't describe this.
Posted by Gerald Oliveto on May 5, 2008 
Wow! Awesome photo!
Posted by Marcelo Onesto on May 5, 2008 
Wow! A very good catch. Note: in 18 minutes could have been several lightings hitting the same antenna.
Posted by Prenton on May 6, 2008 
What an electrifying photo!
Posted by Andrew Kim on May 10, 2008 
Wow! That is one heck of the lightning show. Very nice shot and congradulations on your PCA Award.
Posted by Joshua Bauer on May 11, 2008 
I like the way the lighting lights up the sky with the water and the railroad bridge.
Posted by Vic. Louie on December 22, 2008 
A stroke of luck of capturing the lighting strike at the right time. Its a great shot. Keep up the good work. Looking for mor shot like these.
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