Posted by Run8diesel on April 22, 2008 
Mitch, once again you've shown your panning prowess! Nice work!
Posted by Ray Peacock on April 22, 2008 
What to say other than great shot? Super crisp where it needs to be.
Posted by Darryl Rule on April 22, 2008 
Nice shot Mitch, and good driving Chris. Teamwork does payoff sometimes.
Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on April 22, 2008 
Excellent shot.
Posted by Kelly Lynch on April 22, 2008 
I am a fan for many reasons, not least of which is my interesting relationship with this engine, but I would have loved to see this in color.
Posted by Steve Carter on April 22, 2008 
Another Gem! Hope you tipped your driver well!
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on April 22, 2008 
Can't get much better than this. Awesome shot Mitch, very well done!!!
Posted by Donald Haskel on April 22, 2008 
I like railroads that have at least part of the name unpronounceable. This is another great pan for our enjoyment.
Posted by Richard Stevens on April 22, 2008 
The master strikes again! That's a belter, Mitch.
Posted by John West on April 22, 2008 
Interesting engine, don't remember seeing it before. Great picture of a handsome machine.
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