Posted by Loyd Lowry on April 11, 2008 
Very nice shot Andre!
Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on April 11, 2008 
Excellent shot.
Posted by John Kloczkowski on April 11, 2008 
Great Composition Andre!
Posted by Frank Jolin on April 11, 2008 
Spectacular! Well done André
Posted by Nscalemike on April 11, 2008 
Beautiful scenery Andre...I think that is the first time I have ever seen this bridge before online. Hard to believe its still winter back there, and here I am complaining about our 80 degree (F) temps in Vegas. Nice work Andre.
Posted by Praminto Nugroho on April 12, 2008 
Great catch, and great location too.
Posted by Andre St-Amant on April 12, 2008 
Thanks everyone. There are other spectacular shots of this trestle, taken by Jean-Francois Dumont on this website.
Posted by Samuel Thibodeau on September 10, 2008 
Too bad that train doesn't run anymore !
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