Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 11, 2008 
Very interesting photo. Cant' figure how the train gets out once in? At first look all I could think about was when the first train race was!
Posted by Jim Guest on April 11, 2008 
Whoa! Amazing view! I never knew anything like this existed. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome picture.
Posted by Michael K on April 11, 2008 
Looks like my old Bachman electric train set!
Posted by Chris Paulhamus on April 11, 2008 
Re: How the train exits the loop...they cut the power from where it's shown in this shot and connect it to the rear and pull clockwise. You can see two points of exit on the left and at the top of the loop where the train can get back on the Glasston Sub and head south for Grand Forks. Interestingly enough, when I was overhead this spot 6 minutes later, the power was already moved and being hooked up to the other end of the train!
Posted by Matthew Harrell on April 11, 2008 
And Tony Koester told us that 4x8 "loop o'track" layouts were unrealistic!
Posted by Maxime Duperré on April 11, 2008 
Very interesting photo !
Posted by Jim Thias on April 11, 2008 
Awesome, Chris. I can't stop looking at this photo...
Posted by Loyd Lowry on April 11, 2008 
Very interesting shot, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Wayne Stumbo on April 12, 2008 
That is an amazing shot Chris looks like a model railroad from the sky.
Posted by KWestRail on April 12, 2008 
Looks like a race track!
Posted by Doug Wolfe on April 12, 2008 
LOL. Looks like the train version of NASCAR. Very nice.
Posted by Conrad Auten on April 12, 2008 
Amazing shot! When I've got time I'm going to count those cars . . . .
Posted by Andy Toms on April 12, 2008 
Awesome shot Chris. It looked like a race track when I first saw the thumbnail.
Posted by Kevin Madore on April 12, 2008 
Neat! A train set for grown-up boys! Did you take a light aircraft and go out looking to photograph this site, or was this a chance catch from the IP seat in the 135?
Posted by Jeff Bartkowiak on April 12, 2008 
Finally something I CAN model! At a quick glance, I thought you caught a train passing one of the recent NASCAR races.
Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on April 13, 2008 
I thought it was a NASCAR track at first. Neat ariel shot; it does look like my trainset.
Posted by Cameron on April 13, 2008 
Cool, it first looks like a giant HO scale loop. I looked for it on Google Earth, but it's not there. Just a field.
Posted by Eric B. on April 13, 2008 
Imagine if they added another track... Really neat shot! I counted 125 cars (give or take a few).
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on April 14, 2008 
Wow what a great and unique photo Chris! So where's the control pack hidden and has the M-Bar-D Coal Distribution site gone DCC yet? Seems strange that they would only have two ways in via the same switch direction making for a stub-ended loop.
Posted by Nick Latulip on April 14, 2008 
I guess it's true about model railroading: There's a prototype for everything.
Posted by on April 15, 2008 
That's a great photograph, Chris. It's a neat thing to look at and you carried it off very nicely.
Posted by bnsf5776 on April 15, 2008 
They put alot of faith in the rear engine being lead quilified. Nice shot!
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