Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 25, 2008 
That's insane! How is that even legal? Let me know when it's up for sale!
Posted by nicholas hauser on March 25, 2008 
That is insane. Best Railfan house ever. I would assume either the house was built on to (which looks very possible), or the road was widened and the railroad used eminent domain to move the alignment.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on March 25, 2008 
Whatever the issue, I would bet that a legal "understanding" exists between IAIS and the homeowner.
Posted by Nscalemike on March 25, 2008 
A really interesting image...the house looks relatively "new" seen by the new porch, siding and roofing.
Posted by David Price on March 25, 2008 
Dang, is that a B&B? If so, they just got some free press...
Posted by Joseph LeMay on March 25, 2008 
The railroad was almost certainly there first, but the enticing riverfront views outweighed the annoyance of a few trains passing a day, and so people built houses in what little space was left. If it were a busy mainline, there most certainly would not be houses there. It must take quite a few back-and-forths to get the car into that position!
Posted by Steve Carter on March 25, 2008 
In the Real Estate profession, we call that External Obsolescence! Glad that property is not in my neck of the woods. Where are where do you find comps for this one?
Posted by Anthony K Small on March 26, 2008 
It seems that would be an ideal location for a railfan home, but what if the train derails ?
Posted by Thomas Van Hare on March 26, 2008 
That B&B just opened in November 2007, on the shores of the lake in Peoria. No mention of the railroad tracks running past the front door on their website though -- maybe they think that isn't their highest selling point? Here is their website:
Posted by JeffreyC on March 26, 2008 
It might be a B&B... the sign on the side of the house seems to say "PORT GALENA INN"....
Posted by on March 26, 2008 
In the old days the morning and afternoon Peoria Rockets used to rip up and down this line. No wonder they had to disconnect the "nose-cam" in the LWT-12 on the Jet Rocket which was linked to a monitor in the lounge car. I suspect that there wasn't a deck on the railroad side of the dwelling at that time.
Posted by uprr. on March 26, 2008 
Best railfan house ever!
Posted by Michael DeMarco on March 26, 2008 
Is this part of the line the connects Chicago, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities? Is it this line that is part of the Chicago Hub Network? Surely those high-speed trains would have to slow down or the state would use eminent domain to remove that house.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on March 26, 2008 
To add to my previous comment: This used to be a private residence and apparently was, just a few months ago, turned into a B&B. If you click on "Peoria Heights," you can see from previous photos that the "INN" was added very recently. This line runs south from the East-West ex-Rock Island mainline at Bureau, IL, and sees only a few trains a day, moving along quite slowly at this location for obvious reasons - there are no "high speed" passenger trains running anywhere near Peoria.
Posted by Nick Hart on March 26, 2008 
Nice shot, Crag! I imagine that the speed limit is pretty slow. Anybody know what the limit is?
Posted by Tomas Krupicka on April 1, 2008 
I always wanted to live in a house near the railroad, but I think this is a bit more "near" than I meant...:-D
Posted by Paul Puck on October 22, 2020 
Sold this past July for $103k.
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