Posted by Doug Bradley on March 19, 2008 
All those things you listed are pretty much minor damage. I'm wonderin what was tore up underneath. Sliding around like that can't be good for it. I guess that truck driver will be looking for another line of work. He'll never drive for anyone again.
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on March 19, 2008 
Doug, I wish someone from the rail fan community could have stayed around and showed just how the unit was railed away. On another forum a member got a shot of this unit being lifted back on to the tracks, but the front trucks were off the unit and looked really screwed up. I wonder if the truck company has enough insurance to cover something like this. I'm sure we're looking at 3 to 6 million dollars once you tally about a mile of new track, 3 damaged locomotives, destroyed semi and trailer, truck load of pizza's, clean up costs, lost revenue for and overtime for BNSF, etc.
Posted by jmf on March 19, 2008 
The radiator got fairly dented but that shouldn't bee too expensive repair.
Posted by Steve Carter on March 19, 2008 
What can I spot? Let me see... Hey wait you made me click on your photo! Looks like the front steps are toast too.
Posted by Monon43 on March 20, 2008 
How would the radiator have gotten dented up? The unit behind it maybe? Flying pizza?
Posted by Michael Link on March 20, 2008 
Poor Ol' Dash 9, hope it makes a quick and speedy recovery, and I get to see it out in NS country! I noticed on windshield wiper is missing its wiper (The right hand wiper on the left window) also we have a busted number board. Mike
Posted by JDay on March 20, 2008 
I don't think I have what it takes to be a crew member. I would be gnashing my teeth at every crossing.
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