Posted by Nick Wilson on March 15, 2008 
Great shot George, excellent use of your surroundings! This philosophy is all too true in our hobby!
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on March 16, 2008 
Would have been fitting to catch a switcher or small Geep, but I like it nonetheless! Excellent composition.
Posted by Kyle Tribianni on March 16, 2008 
Very nice shot, George! Andrew is right, a switcher or other small loco would've fit perfectly! Any way you look at it, fantastic shot!
Posted by on April 7, 2008 
That's a really nice shot, George. And the sign is especially true for we ralfans. I also disagree that the loco should have/could have been a switcher or a Geep. The sign says to find joy in the little things such as a passing train, the sounds, the smells, everything, not just to care about what is on point. Great shot. Would have been a PCA had I found it in time. -- Joe H.
Posted by David Nutter on June 4, 2009 
Fantastic shot!
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