Posted by Adam Parsons on March 5, 2008 
I don't know what would be worse, this or the garbage trains they run today.
Posted by Wade H. Massie on March 5, 2008 
Fascinating shot, at first look I thought it was much older than 1985!
Posted by John West on March 5, 2008 
If you guys want smell, try switching a rendering plant (the stuff that's left over after the butchering plant is finished with a carcass), such as the one that used to be at Bayshore. The crew would just about suffocate before we got back into clean air.
Posted by Charles Knox Freericks on March 6, 2008 
Great shot, Mike. What a classic image!
Posted by Ray Peacock on March 6, 2008 
I don't want to know what that green-colored stuff on the ground along the tracks is. Looks like its helping something grow.
Posted by Jeff Abbott on March 12, 2008 
Thanks for the memories there Mike. I remember watching those trains move over Cajon Pass....
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