Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 26, 2008 
Trains at night are hard to top, but add some snow and a little bit of human interest... Well done!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on January 26, 2008 
Awesome night shot Ross! Cool caption too.
Posted by Ray Peacock on January 26, 2008 
Nice picture Ross, for all the reasons mentioned.
Posted by SDP45 on January 26, 2008 
Gee Ross, If I knew you were going to post this shot to, I would have at least removed the shopping bag from my hat (which was helping me stay dry) so I would be more presentable. Thanks for organizing the event. It was a lot of fun. Great to meet Chris! Really nice shot! Dan
Posted by Dan Mitchell on January 26, 2008 
Fog IN the tunnel? Never thought of that...
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on January 26, 2008 
Posted by Dan Mitchell on January 26, 2008 "Fog IN the tunnel? Never thought of that..." Yes Chris explained that it happens every now and then in the winter when they turn the fans off, and open the door at the east portal (because they are almost through the tunnel) it causes a big drop in pressure. Chris said the fog forms very quickly starting at the top of the tunnel and in a few seconds they're running blind. So they have to key up the dispatcher and see if they can confirm that the tunnel door is open. Thanks for all the nice comments BTW.
Posted by Steve Carter on January 26, 2008 
Hey! Where's the Presto Log? Nice take on railroad photography.
Posted by Thomas Berry on January 26, 2008 
In a time when railroads and many railroaders have been hostile to railfans, it does a body good to see this. Thanks for sharing this story.
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on January 26, 2008 
So terrific and absolute. Fog can't stop but can slow trains.
Posted by SDP40 #322 on January 27, 2008 
I wish I could have made the Tracks in the Snow even this year... Unfortunately had too much going on. Next time for sure!
Posted by Gregory Weirich on January 27, 2008 
Great shot Ross, thanks for sharing the story that went along with the shots.
Posted by Joe Geronimo on January 31, 2008 
Ross, Definately a cool shot, But I would have refrained from posting this image. As a railroader, Iv'e seen this happen before, this picture could have seroius reprocutions for the conductor involved or even both members of the crew. See you used the word unauthorized in your photo description. Railroads are getting crafty these days with the internet and discipline against RR employees. Scenes like this might not happen if guys are getting fired! I think we as railfans need to asses whats an appropriate image to post. I recently took an image of a RR welder that was just awesome but chose not to post it because he wasn't wearing a welding jacket. Hey just my opinion..... Keep on shooting!
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