Posted by Praminto Nugroho on January 16, 2008 
Posted by Christophus on January 16, 2008 
Now that's unique! Great photo!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 16, 2008 
That's the word, I'll second the first comment! Very well done!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on January 16, 2008 
I am stunned! Awesome shot Steve!
Posted by assiuolo on January 16, 2008 
It doesn't get much better than this. Bravo.
Posted by on January 16, 2008 
Stunning. A PCA vote from me...
Posted by Darrell Krueger on January 16, 2008 
PCA! So Surreal!
Posted by Andrew Hamblyn on January 16, 2008 
Fantastic!! What an awesome image! Well done.
Posted by Matt Marck on January 16, 2008 
No doubt...a PCA vote for me. I'm not quite sure why this isn't a screener's pic.... Awesome shot!
Posted by Daryl Chapman on January 16, 2008 
Very very nice
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on January 17, 2008 
That is so impressive shot. I love your remark that explain the motion of train in only one picture. It is an inspiration!
Posted by Andy Toms on January 17, 2008 
Awesome, its like fire in the sky, instead of a train crossing a trestle!
Posted by Jim Dorst on January 17, 2008 
Nice results from creative thinking. Well done.
Posted by on January 18, 2008 
WOW! What a picture!
Posted by Lenny Dunlap on January 19, 2008 
Wow...very cool and original.
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on January 22, 2008 
Way to go Steve, keeping the NW on the map! congrats on POTW!
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on January 22, 2008 
Wow, what a neat light show. Very nice!
Posted by John Muenster on January 22, 2008 
I was looking at RP's homepage and saw this photo on POTW and I just had to log in to give it a PCA. Absolutely jaw-dropping shot.
Posted by John West on January 23, 2008 
Jaw dropping. I would have to agree that is an apt description. The lighting is beautiful and some of the details are fascinating.
Posted by Nick Resar on January 24, 2008 
Nice picture. I was wondering how long the exposure was for?
Posted by Tired Old Hobo on January 31, 2008 
I can only say... FANTASTIC!
Posted by Kurt Clark on December 20, 2008 
Wow Steve...don't know how I missed this one earlier this year. It's a beauty!
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