Posted by Tanner on January 7, 2008 
This is a spectacular shot!
Posted by Hill 57 on January 7, 2008 
Very nice picture Brian!, I like how one of the units is 2691 and the other 2591.
Posted by Jeff Mazurek on January 7, 2008 
Beautiful shot Brian! Definitely a jaw-dropper!
Posted by Deborah King on January 7, 2008 
Gawd, I love these machines. What a great photo.
Posted by Darryl Rule on January 8, 2008 
Great shot Brian. It's unusal in these days of Dash-9 after Dash-9 to get a variety of power, but you managed to get 3 different types of EMDs. Very nice.
Posted by Michael Edwards on January 8, 2008 
Wow! Talk about finding a four-leafed clover! Nice!
Posted by Chicago Railfan on January 8, 2008 
This is a wonderful photo! Excellent angle, composition, and atmosphere! PCA vote from me!
Posted by Kostyn Dragut on January 11, 2008 
Awesome photo Brian.Great job.
Posted by Charlie Wood on January 13, 2008 
I love those horseheads!
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