Posted by Kevin Ashbaugh on December 8, 2007 
Wow!!! This motion makes feel like I am on #4 myself and can feel the wind rushing through my hair. Very nice. Does the Cass still run Heisler #6? It's origin goes back to Bostonia Coal and Clay which was about 20 miles from where I live when it was in operation.
Posted by Kelly Lynch on December 8, 2007 
Walter, you have me in awe, buddy.
Posted by Kurt Clark on December 8, 2007 
Posted by Ron Flanary on December 8, 2007 
This is one more dynamite shot! You made the best of a crappy weather day---which is always a challenge. But, sometimes a photographer's best work is done under the most miserable conditions.
Posted by Nick McLean on December 8, 2007 
Way to go Walter! 1/4? Someone's got a steady hand!
Posted by Christian Signorelli on December 8, 2007 
Walter, this has to be one of my all-time favorite Cass shots, ever. The blur effects are super cool, and superbly executed with the wide angle lens. Bravo on a truly splendid Cass image.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 8, 2007 
How did you hold out posting this one till now? Exhilarating shot, Walter!
Posted by Brian Gessel on December 8, 2007 
Nothing more to say other than great shot!
Posted by Dave Toussaint on December 8, 2007 
I think thats an A ticket ride! LOL Now that's something different, but you wouldn't get me out there.
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on December 8, 2007 
Thank you all for your comment's. Guy's remember that the Cass train's are pushed rather than pulled like most railroad's. I was shooting from the first car.
Posted by Loyd Lowry on December 8, 2007 
Excellent work as always Walter! Keep doing us WV'ers proud!
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on December 9, 2007 
Another different view.
Posted by David Brook on December 9, 2007 
You're right, you don't get the feel until it's full size. excellent.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on December 9, 2007 
1/4 is the only way to show movement at Cass. ;-) Seriously, sick shot, dude!
Posted by J. M. Fusco on December 10, 2007 
Incredible shot! I can almost smell the coal smoke!
Posted by Alex L. Moss on July 21, 2008 
The last thing a bug sees! Amazing shot Walter!
Posted by Scott Lothes on April 27, 2009 
Now that I'm finally a member here at, I can proclaim how much I love this photo, which is possibly the most creative I've ever seen from Cass.
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