Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on November 18, 2007 
I like this shot, Very good angle with the turkeys and the train.
Posted by Kevin Ashbaugh on November 18, 2007 
Persistence pays off. Especially the timing of being submitted with Turkey day right around the corner. Great job!!!
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on November 18, 2007 
Just in time for Thanksgiving! I couldn't get a pet dog to sit still, what with the fun distraction of a train going by.
Posted by A.J. Smith on November 18, 2007 
Sweet shot...very nice effort and result!
Posted by Joseph LeMay on November 18, 2007 
Nice work!
Posted by Mike W. on November 19, 2007 
Wow, excellent shot. With Turkey day right around the corner, this would be a timely POTW, and my choice for PCA.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on November 19, 2007 
I would have liked to have been there to watch those 20 minutes. LOL. Great job and perfect timing with Turkey Day right here!
Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on November 20, 2007 
Perfect Thanksgiving card!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on November 20, 2007 
Nice job cornering these turkeys and shot Gregory! Happy thanksgiving everyone.
Posted by Alex Ramos on November 20, 2007 
Congrats on POTW, Greg! You called it the other day! heheh
Posted by Matthew J. Ryan on November 20, 2007 
With the upcoming holiday, this photo ought to be called..."Doomed". lol. Great image Gregory.
Posted by John Benner on November 21, 2007 
This is a great photo.
Posted by Ryan Parent on November 21, 2007 
Nice one Greg! Good to see you posting again.
Posted by Hebrith on November 21, 2007 
I realy like this picture.
Posted by Brad Bender on November 23, 2007 
Great Shot. Greg!
Posted by Hiran on December 18, 2007 
Nice to see this kind of shot. Grate work. Good Luck.
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