Posted by John on November 12, 2007 
I use my laptop to record numbers, nothing like a 16 page Word document.
Posted by on November 12, 2007 
It's too bad most family portraits aren't this interesting to look at. Nice shot.
Posted by Tim Darnell on November 12, 2007 
I used to yell on the video! But a flatspot would drown me out! ;-)
Posted by Chuck Mitchell on November 12, 2007 
That's a great spot for trains. I was in that very spot.
Posted by Kelly Lynch on November 12, 2007 
Does dad allow daughter to date RailPictures contributors who may be in the same age range...? Love the image from three years ago, too. A great way to include the family.
Posted by Patrick Kolwyck on November 16, 2007 
Hey Robert nice shot man. Me and Cecil are there all the time.
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