Posted by Mark Hardin on October 9, 2007 
Nice to see one of these brand new, unpatched and at night, really nice Wade.
Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on October 9, 2007 
Good Shot, The lighting looks very good for a night shot.
Posted by Ken Szok on October 10, 2007 
Great night shot.
Posted by Ronnie Dranzo on October 10, 2007 
Got to enjoy them while they last. Pretty soon their gonna be all gone and the can opener blues are just gonna be another name in the history books.
Posted by William Duvall on October 14, 2007 
Most of the few untouched units are on the NS roster. Beautiful shot!
Posted by Ryan Canterbury on January 1, 2008 
It doesnt have ditch lights, when did they become mandatory?
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