Posted by Bob Avery on October 8, 2007 
In answer to the question posed on the hoarding - somehwere where there was plenty of action, if I had any choice! Tehachapi, maybe, or Harpers Ferry, or Carlisle in the UK! Superb composition with the sign nicely balancing the train. Bob, UK.
Posted by B.A.Harrison on October 9, 2007 
Excellent comp and note the fall colors on the ridge. Thx.
Posted by on October 21, 2007 
Very nice work. Clear and super crisp on the front of the loco. I like those CSX Dash 8 standard cabs. By the way, who wrote that sign? Some 18 yr. old MySpace wanna be? Don't be Prince! Spell out the y-o-u!!!
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