Posted by on July 23, 2007 
A truck full of yarn... If one knows a grade crossing accident is inevitable, I suppose that's what I'd want to run into. I'm glad everybody's okay. Nice shot too, by the way.
Posted by W. D. Shaw on July 23, 2007 
Great catch and great shot! Glad no one was injured.
Posted by Tinghey Chou on July 24, 2007 
How is the truck cab??
Posted by Andrew Kim on July 24, 2007 
That is one horrendous crash. Glad no one was injured.
Posted by James Guffey on July 26, 2007 
Truck cab looked unharmed but might have had some frame damage as the impact was close to the front of the trailer. I was asked to leave the impact area. Town crews did a fantastic cleanup job, as there was no evidence of this 24 hours later, and the crossing signals and gates were repaired. The 7122 needed new handrail and glass (at least).
Posted by Michael W. Moore - Steel Ribbons & Iron Horses Railroad Photography on July 28, 2007 
Great catch, James. And good info, too. Way to be there!
Posted by Kyle Yunker on July 28, 2007 
It looks to me like the engines fine. Everything is just piled on top of the front of the engine.
Posted by D Balkauskas on November 2, 2008 
This certainly would have given the engine crew a good "Yarn" for the future.
Posted by Quinten on January 13, 2009 
I have 2 questions, 1) was the engine able to continue the run when the debris was cleared 2) if not what was done with the consist, as it is blocking the grade crossing?
Posted by Jake Miille on September 14, 2009 
Well if the crew didn't have toilet paper before, I think they fixed their problem.
Posted by Alexandra DiGiorgi on March 4, 2018 
yeah I thought it was toilet paper at first too lol
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