Posted by Dean Kaplan on June 20, 2007 
Wow!!! Awesome night shot Gary.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on June 20, 2007 
Very nice Gary, that's one spooky shot!
Posted by on June 20, 2007 
Very cool shot.
Posted by James Aiken on June 20, 2007 
Telephone pole in background makes this picture seem very powerfull, outstanding photo!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on June 20, 2007 
Hey, I was just watching MJ's Thriller video on YouTube! Perfect timing for your spooky graveyard photo although October 31st would be perfect for posting something like this in the future.
Posted by Jim Palmer on June 20, 2007 
Great photo Gary. Makes me look forward to October.
Posted by Nscalemike on June 21, 2007 
Classic work once again Gary.
Posted by Ian M. Contreras on June 21, 2007 
Geez Gary...nice work as always....
Posted by Gregory Weirich on June 21, 2007 
Great night photo.. Great idea of including the grave markers in the foreground.
Posted by JD on June 21, 2007 
Very creepy! Was anyone watching your back for you?
Posted by Brandon Smith on August 30, 2007 
When I first saw this shot, it made me think of Alan Jackson's song, "Midnight in Montgomery." Great night work, Gary.
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