Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 18, 2007 
Another winner - really nice composition and a good feel for the territory.
Posted by Nick McLean on June 18, 2007 
I'll second what Mitch said.
Posted by SIDNEY on June 19, 2007 
I tried to think of a way to improve this shot - I couldn't
Posted by Richard Stevens on June 19, 2007 
Great human interest shot.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on June 19, 2007 
Superb shot of a train in its rural community setting.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on June 19, 2007 
Awesome catch Michael.
Posted by Mike Karlik on June 19, 2007 
This is a unique shot, to be sure. Also, it proves that steam trains can be a universal attraction.
Posted by John Sesonske on June 19, 2007 
It is hard to add more then has already been said, but, my thoughts are not only is this a great train picture, its a great picture for any venue. And I agree, its really hard to pick any feature that could be better done.
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on June 19, 2007 
I second John S. This is just a great picture, whether for the train, the landscape, the human element, the story, etc. I truly enjoy just looking at this photo.
Posted by Chris Fussell on June 20, 2007 
"I tried to think of a way to improve this shot - I couldn't" Well, if those darn railfans hadn't waltz into the photo, it would've been perfe -- Just kidding, great shot Michael!
Posted by Bob Avery on June 20, 2007 
Railway, Travel, Landscape and Human Interest rolled into one photo. Superb.
Posted by John Craft on June 20, 2007 
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on June 20, 2007 
Wow. That's one great shot. Very interesting steam locomotive too.
Posted by Steve Wood on June 20, 2007 
I normally don't care for rail shots out of the US but this one really grabs me. The magic of the rails seems to me alive and well in South Africa! Get shot.
Posted by WSOR 4025 on June 20, 2007 
I'll third on what Mitch said.
Posted by CalMike415 on June 22, 2007 
This line was revived after 33years? Fantastic! It certainly looks as though there is a good mix of freight and passenger coaches on this train. Obviously the need for rail service exists. I can think of several US rail routes that I'd like to see reopen! Thank you for sharing Michael!
Posted by Jake Mensel on June 22, 2007 
I'm curious if the family is admiring the train or if they are looking on at the machines that evidently recently started a huge grass fire that threatened to burn several structures in the background down. Great shot by the way!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on June 23, 2007 
Jake, If you look carefully you will see that the fire actually ended at the tracks. Burning off the old grass to make way for the new spring growth is a widespread practice in Southern Africa. Of course, locomotive started fires are a danger and the tour train was always shadowed by an off road capable fire truck and crew.
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