Posted by David Langdon on May 20, 2007 
Mesmerizing photo. I love the lighting, colors and contrast between the mood of the ocean and sky.
Posted by John West on May 20, 2007 
The screener picked a good one. That is an absolutely lovely picture.
Posted by Bob Avery on May 20, 2007 
Superb Richard - feeling of this part of Wales perfectly caught.
Posted by Janet Cottrell on May 20, 2007 
Stunning photo and well done for not "following the crowd" standing on the beach.
Posted by apothequer on May 24, 2007 
Very nice shoy Richard . Trés beau travail .
Posted by Gregory Weirich on July 18, 2007 
Man, that's a great location. Awesome scenery and great colors.
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