Posted by Mark Rosnick on May 19, 2007 
Nice shot Mike! Great luck to have a meet right in front of you.
Posted by Idaho railman on May 19, 2007 
Lucky for the photo-line, the steamers are on the near rails!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on May 19, 2007 
Great photo! Looks like quite a lot of other people had the same idea as you to chase this train.
Posted by Ray Peacock on May 19, 2007 
Awesome catch, PC vote here.
Posted by John West on May 19, 2007 
Wonderful picture. Best of seen so far of the 844/4449 joint event. Great lighting and I love the saturated colors.
Posted by Larry Bell on May 19, 2007 
Great shot Mike. The only thing that would make this shot perfect is a ferry at the dock in the background. This is a real winner.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on May 19, 2007 
Awesome meet and catch Mike.
Posted by Andy Toms on May 20, 2007 
Beautiful shot Mike! The color is amazing.
Posted by Jeff Faherty on May 20, 2007 
It also looks like someone from the 5427 was taking a peek out of the door seeing that its open.
Posted by Nathan Herring on May 20, 2007 
Great shot Mike, My PCA pick
Posted by Kurt Clark on May 20, 2007 
Nice work Mike!
Posted by Dave Jacobs on May 20, 2007 
Wow Mike you couldn't have picked a better spot to stand at. This is an amazing photo. Were both trains moving? I can't believe the amount of people chasing in the background. Once again, awesome photo.
Posted by Tom Michele on May 20, 2007 
Certainly deserving of at least some sort of wow award, and awe award, and classic award, and probably others. Congrats, and thanks.
Posted by Drew Jacksich on May 20, 2007 
In the distance, you have me in the photo---white t-shirt, next to the third car.
Posted by Steve Carter on May 20, 2007 
Very nice! I guess I should gone further north.
Posted by Valter Jacinto on May 21, 2007 
A Superb shot!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on May 22, 2007 
Mike - Wow you did do very nice with this shot! I smell POTW..... Voted.
Posted by on May 22, 2007 
Nice shot Mike! Perfect timing! PCA vote... :)
Posted by John West on May 22, 2007 
A well deserved POW. It is really a stunning image. Initially I thought too bad all the people in the picture, but now feel they actually add to the scene, since that was what it was all about: a modern public demonstration of historic engines, not a historic recreation. And it is great to see the UP844 operating with a non-native born UP steamer, since SP is now just as much a part of UP's heritage.
Posted by Gregory Weirich on May 22, 2007 
Congratulations on POTW. Quite a contrast between the modern Dash 9 and the steamers.
Posted by Jody Moore on May 22, 2007 
So you were the guy who was smart enough to tote along a step ladder. That was a great location, but you were the only one who had enough elevation to get the bay fully in the shot. Well done, sir. (From the guy in the green shirt at the extreme edge of the shot hoisting his still camera up to get every extra inch possible.) Jody Evans, CO
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on May 22, 2007 
Wow, such a sweet photo. A step ladder was used? Very creative, indeed!
Posted by Snowy on May 23, 2007 
Old meets New. Epic shot, well done. Love the color.
Posted by Jeffrey Fusaro on May 23, 2007 
Great catch, Mike! Congrats on the P.O.T.W. honor. It's well deserved.
Posted by Steve Lerro on May 24, 2007 
Excellent picture!
Posted by Carl Becker on May 26, 2007 
Sweet photo. Looks like you were the only one who caught the actual meet!
Posted by Joel Maye on May 27, 2007 
Four roads (well, sort of - UP, SP, BN, & ATSF) in one shot. POTW vote has been cast.
Posted by Trainlover1 on June 6, 2007 
Steam+diesel=happy me
Posted by Zack Express on July 10, 2007 
The 844 was absolutely perfect by itself, then you have the daylight train behind (unless I err) and the colorful BNSF diesel to make this a most worthy photo.
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