Posted by Joseph LeMay on May 13, 2007 
A scene from steam excursions that hasn't much changed over the years! Thanks for posting.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 13, 2007 
There's something magical about this photograph - it's as if I've gone into the future and looked back at myself. Great composition and I love the choice of the warm B&W, even if it was made at time of purchase!
Posted by Ray Peacock on May 13, 2007 
Nobody's shooting digital here! Love the kids, really add to the scene.
Posted by Richard Stevens on May 13, 2007 
What a brave angle to take! The temptation to join the gallery must have been enormous - apart from the 15 guinea special, this was the last day of steam. But 40 years on, this shot says more than those from the gallery would have done.
Posted by John West on May 13, 2007 
Great scene. Nicely dressed gricers. And I like the contrast between the "big kids" and the little kids.
Posted by Settle Lover on May 15, 2007 
I love the picture - how poignant! Must have been a fascinating yet sad day, as is the end of any era. Those kids must be in their early 40s now... I wonder if any of them grew up to be rail fans and/or photographers? I wonder if they have ever been on this site looking at the awesome database of pictures?
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