Posted by Larry Bell on May 5, 2007 
Lookin' good . . . a wonderful addition to your collection.
Posted by Mike Bjork on May 6, 2007 
HOT HOT HOT! Great shot RJ! The slightly blurred drivers look awesome. Its so cool to finally see her coming up this direction. Its going to be a very fun month of PR work.
Posted by RJSorensen on May 6, 2007 
Thank You Mike! She is doing about 60 mph at this point, as some of you may know, UP 844 was running about four hours late getting into Pocatello… so she made short work of much of the track on this heavy mainline. It just does not get much better than having steamers in your neck of the woods…
Posted by ChrisSorensen on May 30, 2007 
That is an awesome picture! Great work!
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