Posted by John West on April 24, 2007 
Cool picture. Love the way you used the light from the signals to create a glint. Gets a PCA from me.
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on April 24, 2007 
Agreed, nice way to make use of some artificial glint! Very nice affect with the three red signals lighting up the side of the trailing dash-9. An a hardcore nightshot photo trooper I see, noted from the photo data that you took the photo at 3:03AM?!?
Posted by Mark Utley on April 24, 2007 
Thanks for the comments. I was rather pleased with the way the lighting turned out. It was actually about 10:00 PM when I took this. i'll have to check the camera clock. I've been waiting some time trying to get this shot right, and, like I said, I'm really pleased that it worked out, especially since i'm rather new at this type of photography. Cheers!
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