Posted by Jordan DeCloedt on April 15, 2007 
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on April 15, 2007 
Nice shot! Great location.
Posted by Anthony K Small on April 16, 2007 
That's a very colorful shot!
Posted by Sam Davey on April 16, 2007 
Very nice shot Matt.
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on April 16, 2007 
Awesome shot!
Posted by Christopher LF on April 17, 2007 
Very cool, I took a photo of your gang up on the hill from the train a few seconds after you took yours.
Posted by Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez on April 19, 2007 
Wow~! Sweet shot~! Thanks for sharing. ~Matt
Posted by Kurt Clark on May 1, 2007 
Great colors!
Posted by R.L.PROSSER [ Robpro] on June 16, 2009 
Incredible shot and like many other fans I have the ' LIONAL" version in my HO roster.
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