Posted by Brock L Kerchner on March 16, 2007 
Boy, Does that look funny with those trucks on it!
Posted by Eric S. Clark on March 16, 2007 
I sure am glad to see they have replaced the Pilot, it looks much better than before.
Posted by Whit Wardell on March 16, 2007 
Not sure about the ditchlight placement but the "new" pilot is a BIG improvement.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 16, 2007 
Today, on "This Old Train" we are going to start with the body..... Nice catch, Robert - thanks for posting!
Posted by Joseph LeMay on March 16, 2007 
I wonder where they got the pilot - it's probably off another unit rather than having to scratch build one. It does look much better - the ditch light placement is similar to that of CN/IC's E units.
Posted by WixPix on March 17, 2007 
Two consecutive shots for photo of the day? WTG Rob!!
Posted by WixPix on March 21, 2007 
I just noticed the shop trucks. Will this unit be painted in a Southern scheme?
Posted by adam on April 4, 2007 
the pilot is built from scratch, right at the shop.
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