Posted by Wade H. Massie on February 22, 2007 
This one brings back some memories - I spent a lot of time shooting at Alexandria during the final days of cabooses and the RF&P, and also photographed the VRE there in 1992 when they began operations.
Posted by George W. Hamlin on February 22, 2007 
Thanks Chris! It was fun, although a little cold. Does this mean that I've used up my 15 minutes of fame now??
Posted by Bob Avery on February 23, 2007 
Memories for me too - aged about 7, being taken here by my father to watch trains. This was while we lived in the DC area when he did a 2-year stint at the British Embassy from 1960-62. No VRE then, though, but I do recall being thrilled by the word 'Pullman' on the side of C&O passenger cars !
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