Posted by Brad Morocco on February 16, 2007 
Posted by Craig Walker on February 16, 2007 
Spectacular!!! This shot is just dripping with mood -- somewhat literally, given the water trickling out of the piping. Nice glint off the cylinders, too. And welcome to The shots you've posted so far are brilliant!
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on February 16, 2007 
Almost sexy! Very artistic shot Tony.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on February 16, 2007 
Unbelievable lighting!! Awesome shot Tony!!
Posted by Jim DeGraff on February 17, 2007 
Spectacular shot, I really like the reflection of the engine in the puddles, exudes the mystery and romance of steam travel in the golden age.
Posted by Malcolm Fleming on February 17, 2007 
You're a very talented photographer. What a stunning image! Good work.
Posted by Richard Stevens on February 22, 2007 
Great shot, Tony.
Posted by J Neu, Berlin on March 23, 2014 
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