Posted by Nscalemike on February 4, 2007 
Amazing find and photo.
Posted by CalMike415 on February 4, 2007 
Wow! So that's what the end of the line looks like? What an incredible assortment of roadnames assembled to become.....disassembled.
Posted by Eric Young on February 4, 2007 
Great historical picture. If you happen to find more from this location it would be great to see them.
Posted by Shawn Vermillion on February 4, 2007 
That Metra unit sticks out like a sore thumb. It's screaming "buy me"
Posted by Adam Weddle on February 4, 2007 
Cool shot!
Posted by Mike Bates on February 4, 2007 
Looks like you found that very place. :)
Posted by Evan Schilling on February 4, 2007 
Holy crap. Nice shot.
Posted by Nathan Trump on February 4, 2007 
It's like a game of I-spy.............I couldn't find the Alaska GP38-2s Good shot though.
Posted by River Terminal on February 4, 2007 
The second track from the left looks like it has the remains of a former River Terminal Railway ( Repuplic Steel Cleveland Oh ) unit,
Posted by Ian M. Contreras on February 4, 2007 
To answer the of I-57........Nice shot Rob!
Posted by Rob Schreiner on February 4, 2007 
The Alaska unit is in the back, outside row, Yellow cab with the extra set of headlights on top... the headlights are the key clue.
Posted by M.Patterson on February 4, 2007 
Very nice shot.. I've passed there many of times myself and thought of taking that picture. I57 expressway, shoulder right by Spaulding ave. Too many IL state police around that area for me thought , It would be just my luck!
Posted by Warner De Leon on February 5, 2007 
Amazing shot, so much history just sitting there. Sad :(
Posted by Harold Collier on February 5, 2007 
Swapmeet for modellers working in 12 inches to 1 foot!
Posted by TheTeenageRailfan on February 5, 2007 
For those who couldnt find them, the ARR GP38-2s are all the way in the back. Find the F40C, then behind that are two (apparently?) BNSF switchers, the ARR is behind them. Amazing, amazing shot! Would be a wonderful modeling project
Posted by Jim Thias on February 5, 2007 
That's quite a bone yard! Nice find!
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on February 8, 2007 
Rob, great shot! Not sure how you pulled this off, but I assume a fortunate traffic jam? Well done.
Posted by Danny Flanery on February 9, 2007 
Great picture. I spent many a shift at Dallas yard on these two Katy geeps. Kinda like the Dallas Yard itself, you cant hardly find it anymore.
Posted by Wyatt Heilman on February 10, 2007 
Notice the NS C39-8 hiding on the other side of the building.
Posted by CalMike415 on February 10, 2007 
After reading through the numerous comments and seeing how each post points out the different locomotives....this photo makes me think of a "where's waldo" photograph. Too many treasures.
Posted by Dave Howarth Jr. on December 30, 2009 
Sad part to know about this wonderful photo is the F40C has been scrapped this past year along with many other of these units as a "Clean-Up" project. The MKT 101 and 104 appeared to have nose mounted numberboards but have since been replaced. I spot the WC 7592, the second unit behind the NS C39-8 as well. Great Shot!!
Posted by ESL on January 29, 2010 
Thats definately a River Terminal switcher 2nd from left. Wonder the origins of the f unit. Every time you look at the photo you find something new.
Posted by Sean Haley on September 6, 2011 
Quite an asortment of locomotives.
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