Posted by Jim Hinkhouse on January 29, 2007 
Fantastic photo, sunshine or not.
Posted by Bob Avery on January 29, 2007 
A different view of Folkestone Harbour, which has worked well despite the sun dying. Full of interest.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on January 29, 2007 
Awesome steam shot Alan!!!
Posted by Richard Stevens on January 29, 2007 
Pity about the motley coaches, but still a lovely shot. From the hotel roof, presumably?
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 29, 2007 
Very nicely captured scene, Alan. Gives us Yanks (and others) a feel for the location. I was in Folkestone (to see the Hovercrafts which had already been relegated to museums), though I don't recognize the location. The framing of the picture is perfect and as others have stated, the lack of sun was not necessarily a bad thing.
Posted by J.S.Reeves on January 29, 2007 
Very Nice shot Alan, been looking forward to your shot since you said you were going up on the roof. oh and im in the photo. Second coach behind Tangmere. What a day!!! JR
Posted by John Higginson on January 30, 2007 
It really is a spectacular photo. Outstanding composition, and I've always been a fan of that locomotive. All the people and photographers in the shot also add to it.
Posted by Tom Michele on January 30, 2007 
Good job. Something different. And a classic scene.....for the history books.....and family album (lots of different families...). And a pretty scene, despite cloudy sky and low tide.
Posted by David Wheeler on January 30, 2007 
At 1st glance it looked like a painting out of a art gallery. Sunshine or not every thing looks absolutly perfect in this picture. Great Shot! David
Posted by Janet Cottrell on January 30, 2007 
Lovely shot. Was it taken from the roof of the hotel ? (used to be the Hotel Burstin)
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