Posted by John West on January 21, 2007 
Very interesting picture. Nice lighting.
Posted by Robert M. Ball on January 21, 2007 
Great shot Kevin! I really like night shots, they seem to tell a more interesting railroad story without the day time distractions. All your night shots are really good. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on January 21, 2007 
Just a great shot
Posted by Mike Blaszak on January 22, 2007 
How did you manage to set up for that shot without getting nailed by the Metra police? The A-5 towerman calls them whenever I show up there.
Posted by Nick McLean on January 22, 2007 
Very dramatic and moody!
Posted by Tom Michele on February 9, 2007 
VERY WELL DONE.....technically AND compositionally!!! Congrats and thanks.
Posted by john kekobson on February 12, 2007 
really how did you get this photo with out metra cops being called?
Posted by Kevin W. Vahey on February 12, 2007 
Since so many have asked how I pulled this off, its very simple....wait till the train stops, run up, set up, shoot, leave.
Posted by John Kepisa on February 21, 2007 
Nice rare view.. You would not catch me doing that.. Between the metra cops and the locals that is pretty risky! I'm sure the crew jumped when they seen you run up quick and get the shot!
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