Posted by Nick McLean on January 15, 2007 
Amazing picture!!! Any frequent visitor to the CSRR will certainly recognize this familiar face as that of veteran engineer and shop foreman Artie Barkley. Best wishes to Artie in his recent retirement. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we will miss his great stories of steam railroading and his talented hand on the throttles and whistles of CSRR's unique geared fleet. I got my first steam cabride with Artie when I was eight in the cab of his beloved shay 5, and I will never forget how the man egged me on when he let me blow that low 1-chime whistle on the engine that day!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on January 15, 2007 
Nick, your comment says it all. Artie is one of the real gentlemen in the steam railroading community! Years ago I was shooting some movies of Artie switching at the shops and had to change film. Of course, when you are in a hurry, everythng takes twice as long and I dropped the film. When I finally got reloaded and ready to start filming again, I found that Artie was sitting there in the same place, waiting for me to finish! What a class guy!
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on January 15, 2007 
Yes Artie will be Greatly missed. This photo was taken the morning of his final run as a CSRR engineer. I have known Artie all of my life, he is a great guy and will be greatly missed. I am glad you all liked this photo of one great man.
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