Posted by BNSF SAMMY on December 17, 2006 
Nice shot!
Posted by Jverret on December 18, 2006 
Hello Scott, Does the track continue on the other bridge? If this is the case it's amazing ! Nice shot!
Posted by David Wheeler on December 19, 2006 
Jverret. I might be wrong but I think that othe bridges is part of the Trans Canada Highway #1. any way this is a very good shot
Posted by Christian Vazzaz on December 19, 2006 
Correction, The CP Potash train is on is the CP Thompson Sub used for Eastbound Traffic and the half Orange half Black bridge is the CN Ashcroft Sub bridge used for Westbound Traffic, Search this Photo ID - 150246
Posted by Matthew Hicks on December 19, 2006 
It's a really neat place because of what happens here...CN and CP share the same valley, and have an interesting directional running agreement. What we see here is the CP bridge, built first, and the CN bridge going to the other side, built over and after.
Posted by Harald Schmitz on December 20, 2006 
nice shot, Scott
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