Posted by Ryan M. Martin on November 14, 2006 
Very cool angle on coal RR'ing! Three-in-one, reminds me of three military jets with (fake) smoke contrails splitting off from formation...
Posted by Tom Michele on November 15, 2006 
A really powerful photo, three trains, long trains, great visual lines with the rails, all of them. And the one train diverging off and away. Coal not as romantic as most other cargo, but a mighty important commodity carried by rail.
Posted by Brian P. Bennett on November 20, 2006 
Howsa bout four? Look closely....
Posted by on November 27, 2006 
Foreground: Left, Right, and Center. And yes in the background on the left ... another train ...
Posted by L'mont on March 5, 2007 
Great shot!! Look at that grade change in the background!
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