Posted by on November 12, 2006 
Nice one Mitch...the cantenary really adds to it!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on November 12, 2006 
Awesome shot Mitch!!!!
Posted by Mike Bjork on November 12, 2006 
Great shot Mitch! The reflection off hte cantanary is pretty sweet.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on November 12, 2006 
YOU NAILED IT! Excellent, excellent shot, Mitch! Perfect conditions and a perfect location, you finally got it.
Posted by Ryan Parent on November 12, 2006 
Good one, Mitch. The reflections are a nice touch.
Posted by George W. Hamlin on November 13, 2006 
Excellent shot, Mitch!
Posted by Bob Avery on November 19, 2006 
Very very moody. Nice.
Posted by Alan-Crotty on November 25, 2006 
Fantastic, I like the anticipation, what will appear from the light area? The catinary and rails provide a great leadin. Well done, another winner Mitch
Posted by Salvador Garcia on May 30, 2007 
Here comes the train! Beautiful
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