Posted by Stephen Guthrie on November 2, 2006 
The cab facing the camera is a former Santa Fe unit and the one facing away is a former BN unit. S. Guthrie
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on November 2, 2006 
I'm quite surprised no one left a comment yet; indeed, this is a sad sight! Thanks for sharing Andrew.
Posted by Gordon Graham on November 3, 2006 
I think SD45's are not very old at all , and they can still work for 30 - 50 years more .
Posted by bnsf4737 on November 3, 2006 
Someone should of saved these lovable WC units. I agree, see a locomotive being scrapped is sad, and brings a tear to your eye.
Posted by Joshua Smith on November 3, 2006 
A rebuild would have been much more profitable for the company in the longrun than scrapping the units out, thanks for sharing this unique pic...
Posted by Mike Bjork on November 4, 2006 
Man, thats painful to look at.
Posted by T Aldrich on January 28, 2007 
I believe the engine on the right is the 6616! Im 95% sure.
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