Posted by Adam Weddle on October 22, 2006 
All that I can say is HOLY CRAP, and I hop that nobody was hurt.
Posted by David Hawkins on October 22, 2006 
Now thats to close to those nearby houses. Wow! Must of been one loud wake up call.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on October 22, 2006 
Wow!!! what the heck caused this derailment??
Posted by Luke Sharrett on October 22, 2006 
Looks like something that would happen on my HO layout
Posted by M.L.Gabert on October 22, 2006 
Is it just me or does that bridge look melted?
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on October 23, 2006 
Note the two firemen standing on the bridge between the burning cars. Fortunately for those nearby homeowners, ethanol is not explosive, nor is it particularly toxic.
Posted by Scooter Hovanec on October 23, 2006 
Luckily no one was hurt. Also this may sound kind of ironic, but it was probably a good thing those cars did have ethanol on them, had they been carrying something like chlorine the outcome could have been far worse.
Posted by Nathan Trump on October 26, 2006 
Did anyone notice the 2 people standing under the bridge?
Posted by Fredrik on October 26, 2006 
Was hoping someone would get a clear shot of this; looks like the one in the papers. Thanks for doing so, did not feel like driving across the state to see the incident. Also looks like what happens to my trains when I hit the "bridge-glitch" in Cutbank on MSTS.
Posted by Tom Michele on October 26, 2006 
WOW! Awesome, etc. Shows the fragileness of even heavy steel. Super job. Congrats.
Posted by Patrick Treadaway on March 31, 2019 
It looks as if the house directly above one of the still burning tank cars suffered heat damage to its siding.
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