Posted by on October 3, 2006 
Great shot with the fall colors and all! This gets one of my PC votes!
Posted by Eric Daly on October 3, 2006 
Beautiful shot Chris. Very interesting colors.
Posted by Matthew Hicks on October 3, 2006 
As usual, a great photo from a great location, and the fall colours make it doubly so! Wonderful!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on October 3, 2006 
Wow!!!! great shot Chris
Posted by David Brook on October 3, 2006 
Great spot...Great colours. Cheers, Dave
Posted by David A. Oram on October 3, 2006 
Beautiful location with spectacular Fall Colours. Excellent photo Chris!!!
Posted by John Rice on October 3, 2006 
That is a shot I have wanted to see for a while. Excellent work!
Posted by M.Gramm on October 3, 2006 
You got my vote for peoples choice!!! Did you have a long hike to get there?
Posted by Trainmasterrob on October 3, 2006 
Nice job!!!!!
Posted by Steve Host on October 3, 2006 
A good show from up north.. nice work.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 4, 2006 
Very nice! Excellent location. What's most amazing - you followed a golden rule which states "Never cut off the back of the train" and true to the idea, the last car is hidden and not chopped.
Posted by Chris Wilson on October 4, 2006 
Thank you so much for the feedback and comments. Thankfully the train was the length it was, or I would have not had the outcome I wanted.
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