Posted by Mike Bjork on September 8, 2006 
Sad, shes in a sleep that she'll never wake from...
Posted by JGKirchner on September 8, 2006 
Wasn't this photo used in Trains magazine?
Posted by Sam Davey on September 8, 2006 
That's a sad sight. There's not too many of the old girls still on the rails.
Posted by Tom Jancoski on September 8, 2006 
It's not really a living thing, but this picture still makes me sad when I look at it.
Posted by Patrick Smith (Railwolf) on December 29, 2011 
Mike's comment brought a tear to my eye. Looks like a turtle on its back. I can't believe this engine was torched! She doesn't look that badly injured, apart from being on her side, and whatever engine access panels were damaged on the other side...
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