Posted by on August 19, 2006 
Whoa! Powerful shot! -- Joe H.
Posted by on August 19, 2006 
Very impressive photo!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on August 19, 2006 
WOW!!! amazing shot John
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 19, 2006 
Sureal. Nicely done!
Posted by Alan-Crotty on August 19, 2006 
This shot is full of atmosphere, great use of back lighting, just how we Brits like to shoot! A great shot, my Peolples Choice. Well done John Alan
Posted by Wade H. Massie on August 19, 2006 
Nice work, John. This photo really captures the essence of Pittsburgh's steel industry.
Posted by Michael Rhodes on August 19, 2006 
This is a really super shot and I agree with Alan Crotty - it is how we Brits like to see our industrials - great into the light picture, never mind sun on the nose - this oozes atmosphere - great work.
Posted by Gonzalo Bassaber on August 19, 2006 
Amazing shot!!. It's a merge of steel, trains, industry... and all with a precious effect. I love it!
Posted by Christine Sweetnam on August 19, 2006 
A truly powerful shot John, you have captured the atmosphere brilliantly.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 22, 2006 
Congrats on POTW - I know I'm commenting twice, what can I say. That's one photo I don't mind seeing for another 2 weeks. See ya on other side of the front page next week.
Posted by Matt Rivers on August 22, 2006 
Great shot John, really love the industrial feel....something I'd LOVE to see a lot more of.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on August 22, 2006 
Great industrial shot. Congrats on POTW.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on August 22, 2006 
I second mitch, i don't mind commenting twice either, congrats on POTW John
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on August 23, 2006 
That's an eye catcher if I ever saw one. Bravo!
Posted by Matthew Hicks on August 23, 2006 
Ditto to all of the above! One of the moodiest photos I've seen in a while...
Posted by Dave Kerr on August 24, 2006 
A superb photo, John.
Posted by Kensi M. Mills on August 27, 2006 
Fantastic Photo!! Nice Work!
Posted by Brad Kayganich on August 28, 2006 
Excellent photo. Now I wish the steel industry would come back home.
Posted by Colin on September 24, 2006 
John, beautiful shot. That is a breathtaking shot.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on August 4, 2007 
Beautiful blend between foreground contrast and background diffuseness.
Posted by Chris Walters on October 17, 2007 
Stunningly realised John. That is a very classy effort!
Posted by Travis Dewitz on June 4, 2008 
Great Shot!!
Posted by Nick Ozorak on December 14, 2009 
That is a powerful industrial image.
Posted by Joel Podlaski on December 29, 2009 
Great shot, I love the industrial background!
Posted by on July 22, 2010 
John, excellent photo. You couldn't have captured Pittsburgh's industries any better. Clever idea with the setting.
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