Posted by Mark Heidorn on August 12, 2006 
Are the vests a required? Looks like a good idea.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on August 12, 2006 
Interesting shot Alan.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 12, 2006 
Is there a British word for Foam?
Posted by AJP on August 12, 2006 
Health and saftey gone mad if you're actually on tracks in UK.
Posted by Stu Levene on August 12, 2006 
What, exactly, were they waiting for, and why where they on the trackbed??
Posted by Sid Vaught on August 12, 2006 
Nice to see a bunch of normal railfans, all we have are freaks and geeks over here.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on August 12, 2006 
Hah, is there really such a thing as a normal railfan? Thanks for sharing, Alan.
Posted by Alan-Crotty on August 13, 2006 
Just to answer some of the questions: Vest, these are required on all Network Rail lines for anyone on or about active tracks, most of the heritage lines have the same requirements. it does let the train crew see where people are, so overall it's a good idea. Mitch, Foamers? nearest UK term is probably Gricer or it your a picture maker Photter, the general public would usually call them trainspotters. What are they waiting for? a couple of steamers to run by, a std 5 73129 and a 9F 92212. See: for the photo. Alan
Posted by Stu Levene on August 13, 2006 
Nice of you to admit it, Sid!
Posted by Golf Bravo on August 13, 2006 
Nice to have an opportunity to look in the mirror
Posted by Mike Bjork on August 13, 2006 
So thats what I look like when Im railfanning...
Posted by Chaz on August 15, 2006 
It's allowed because they all hold PTS that allows them to be there. It's common on the GCR although that an uncommon amount of people.
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