Posted by Brian Havlicek on August 5, 2006 
It's like the Rolls Royce of trains!
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on August 5, 2006 
Excellent photo, great lighting
Posted by Dean Kaplan on August 5, 2006 
Nice lighting in this SD70M-2 nice shot Chris
Posted by cjr3559 on August 5, 2006 
I like the Mountain Dew on the conductors desk.
Posted by Extra West on August 6, 2006 
Mountain Dew is sometimes the only way to stay awake for long periods of time, and we all know that railroaders have this problem.
Posted by Louis Becker on August 6, 2006 
The best Mountain Dew is diet.
Posted by Tristan Garrett on August 7, 2006 
I must disagree with that: for me, the Code Red is the only way to go.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 7, 2006 
Nicely done, Chris. A new twist on cab photos - at night 12 mm. Great shot.
Posted by on August 9, 2006 
What a sweet pic! This really sets the standard for night interior cab shots.
Posted by Mike on August 11, 2006 
Outstanding photo! The lighting is phenomenal- looks like a stage! Great work!
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