Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on July 26, 2006 
Wow, Chris. Nicely done!
Posted by on July 26, 2006 
Good lord thats a spectacular photo!!! You captured a very rare sight Chris, definately my vote for POTW!
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on July 26, 2006 
Perfect conditions. Nicely done, Chris, you nailed this one.
Posted by Chris Kilroy on July 26, 2006 
As much as you know this kills me, I must admit, that's a really, really cool shot Chris! :)
Posted by Dean Kaplan on July 26, 2006 
Ok now that is just an awsome shot, great shot Chris
Posted by Joseph LeMay on July 26, 2006 
That is quite simply one of the most amazing railroad photos I have ever seen.
Posted by on July 26, 2006 
Come to the light, come to the light! Good shot, Chris!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 26, 2006 
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on July 26, 2006 
just beautiful Chris! Very heavenly if I do say so myself. Obviously we all know there is a train over the small mainline rise but to the non-railfan commoner, this could be a spiritual moment or a Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind moment...
Posted by Stuart Ranier on July 26, 2006 
Posted by CSXJ on July 26, 2006 
I never said this about a railpic.but this is a sexy pic...... CSX iz my favorite company
Posted by Ryan Parent on July 26, 2006 
Holy smoke, Chris. Nicely Done!
Posted by John West on July 26, 2006 
Wow. A very nice, very creative picture. The light from the approaching train is wonderful.
Posted by Dave Kerr on July 26, 2006 
You still have the touch, Chris. Terrific shot!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on July 26, 2006 
Amazing! I was going to say WOW, but John West beat me to it! Fine composition and other worldly lighting! So go ahead and give yourself Picture of the Week, no one is going to complain!
Posted by Nathan Herring on July 26, 2006 
2 words, AMAZING PICTURE, You deserve not only a PCA for this, I'm suprised that you dont have a photo of the week. Great shot
Posted by cjr3559 on July 26, 2006 
I'm coming up on comment number 17, so unfortunately everyone else has said everything I was probably going to say already. Great shot.
Posted by Christine Sweetnam on July 27, 2006 
Having seen this in real life many times and never been able to capture it on film, I am now officially really jealous.
Posted by on July 27, 2006 
What is the EXIF data?
Posted by Ron Flanary on July 27, 2006 
What were you doing up this late, and did you have to drive far to get this shot?? It's stunning, of course. Congrats on a real winner, Christopher.....
Posted by Bret Stringer on July 27, 2006 
Phenomenal. Beautiful shot.
Posted by Mike Bates on July 27, 2006 
The other comments pretty much sum it up. Really a great photo! MB :)
Posted by on July 27, 2006 
I should say that the way the light from the eastbounder lights up the gap in the trees in such a way that it would appear that steam might have returned to CSX! If one had not either read the caption closely or looked at the picture closely, it would like a big blast from the past ... nice shot.
Posted by julia51 on July 27, 2006 
My word, great shot! Bet you were tickled with this one, thanks.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on July 27, 2006 
Great shot. Really sets the mood.
Posted by Sam Davey on August 7, 2006 
This is one of the best shots i have ever seen.
Posted by Gregory Dahbura on August 7, 2006 
Wow...... AMAZING shot! This has to be one of my favorites in the DB!
Posted by David Wheeler on August 10, 2006 
Everyone else took the words out of my mouth. That has got to be the best picture I have ever seen. The composition is just perfect. Keep it up David
Posted by A.J. Smith on August 11, 2006 of the coolest shots I've ever seen on RailPics!
Posted by Patrick Treadaway on August 13, 2006 
Brings back the old time feeling of watching trains which I had as a boy, the mystery and romance of railroading.
Posted by Gregg Pullano on August 15, 2006 
This looks like something I would expect to see published in a magazine. Nice work
Posted by Jeff Mazurek on August 26, 2006 
Posted by Bill Merlavage --- on April 16, 2007 
This is a fantastic shot
Posted by Travis Dewitz on April 11, 2008 
I'm not sure this will fit with the other 33 comments, but great shot!!
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