Posted by Joseph LeMay on July 23, 2006 
Wow, that's an amazing shot, Ken.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on July 23, 2006 
Very dramatic shot. My vote for PCA!
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on July 23, 2006 
Wow, talk about your picture telling a story! Very nice shot, Ken! Thanks for sharing it!
Posted by Chris Wilson on July 23, 2006 
Nice catch Ken!
Posted by Jared Forcier on July 23, 2006 
It's an amazing picture and story. You got my PCA too!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on July 23, 2006 
Yikes, glad this fire was contained, great shot though Ken
Posted by Ken Szok on July 23, 2006 
Thank you to all for you kind comments. They are greatly appreciated. Ken
Posted by Matt Vitucci on July 23, 2006 
Making this shot the wallpaper for the Firehouse Computer, Nothing Better than Fire & Trains.. Great Shot.
Posted by WGrow on July 24, 2006 
That is one spectacular shot, well done.
Posted by Andrew Seivert on July 24, 2006 
PCA Fo Shizzel
Posted by TheTeenageRailfan on July 24, 2006 
hoh snap!! DUDE!! thats pretty intense. Oh, and look! the train even has one of those "stairway to nowhere"s next to it! XD Seriously tho, this is an awesome shot! If theres somewhere that you have more of this train and the fire, let us know!!
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on July 24, 2006 
Great photo Ken
Posted by justinking on July 24, 2006 
thats one of the best shots I've seen. Not everyday you get that kind of subject matter
Posted by Ken Huard on July 24, 2006 
WELL DONE!! Surprised you were allowed to be that close to the fire. Is that the second track I see by the flames? Do you know if there was any damage?
Posted by Harald Schmitz on July 24, 2006 
greath Photo, klasse Ken
Posted by Zach on July 25, 2006 
So if it was down at Tehachapi it would be the ring of fire, right?
Posted by Michael Richmond on July 25, 2006 
Posted by Clint on August 3, 2006 
Great Shot Ken, That Norfolk Southern is along way from home
Posted by Austyn on August 7, 2006 
Posted by Charlie O on August 23, 2006 
Looks like the train's about to enter Hades. Hard to top that for a "going away" shot. ;-) Applause.
Posted by on February 23, 2009 
Great shot...I was driving a semi tuck up I-15 that year when those fires were raging. I left Fontana heading to Chicago around 3pm and was lucky to make it thru before they shut down the freeway. I recall seeing fire trucks all up and down the side roads putting water down near homes. pretty weary with all the ash and smoke around you..not knowing if you will be coming face to face with fire around the next corner.
Posted by Alan Shulak on May 22, 2009 
That is just amazing!!!!
Posted by Joe on May 28, 2009 
This is impressive.
Posted by FSWood on March 28, 2016 
Scary situation to be in as they can't exactly spin a u-turn and floor it out of there.
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