Posted by Bewildebeeste on July 9, 2006 
It'll only be railroad vehicles its shared with though (one would hope)
Posted by Jeff Terry on July 13, 2006 
There is a sign on the other side of the tunnel that reads "Do not enter when lights are flashing" (it's for vehicles, of course). The railroad I work for sends transfer jobs over to Northtown every day, and not very long ago there was an extra board (i.e. new) crew called for one of them. When they approached the tunnel, the lights started to flash and they stopped the train, thinking the sign applied to them. To make matters worse, then they started to back up! I don't think the Northtown Switchtender was very impressed....
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on August 2, 2006 
Looks like a happy locomotive. Nice shot, Andy.
Posted by Alexander on November 2, 2006 
Be careful their train comes around their doing 10 thats not going to stop
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